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Sometime back, printed mirrors were very popular in the UK and I produced quite a few designs that were used by several companies. The Ugly Duckling design, which was taken from my children's poster, was my first and became the best selling printed mirror at that time.














Here are a couple of ideas I played around with to follow up the Ugly Duckling with a happy duck, having fun.




These sketches were ideas I eventually used on printed mirrors. Starting top left, Salvador Hare, Mozart Mouse, The Tooth, Honky-tonk Hippo, Rumbling Jumbo, Baby Bumble Bear and Oliver Twit. The fish were used on a kid's wooden puzzle.




The sketches below were character designs for a project from an idea entitled 'Car Kingdom' by Tony Creedy. It began: 'Somewhere at the end of a motorway is a place called Car Kingdom.'

Tony and I put a lot of work into producing a package to promote this idea, including book models, character models and even a model of the town of Car Kingdom. The package was sent out everywhere and there was a lot of interest. Then due to personal reasons, Tony was forced to pull out and we had to put the project on hold. That was in the mid 1980s. Yet strangely, with no involvement of Tony or myself, there has since been a TV series and a computer animated movie about a world of cars very like the idea of Car Kingdom with the character designs close to mine, and complete with the main character called Hotrod.











Hotrod and Fergus Fire Engine